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Financial Aid

As in 2017, government will pay a fee increase capped at 8% for all qualifying registered students with a gross combined family income up to R600 000 per annum in 2018.

This is a grant, which covers the increases for tuition fees and university managed accommodation (where applicable), and will not have to be repaid by qualifying students.

To qualify for the grant, university students must apply for the DHET 2018 Fee Adjustment Grant through a form obtainable from their institutions.

No, you are not required to reapply. Your institution has your information and you will automatically qualify for the 2018 grant.
Yes, you will qualify if you apply and your combined gross household income is up to R600 000 per annum. Released on 9 January 2018.
You will automatically qualify, as the university will have your information on record. You do not have to apply.