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All eligible students will be provided with a bursary that covers the actual cost of their tuition, plus a NSFAS determined allowance for prescribed learning materials.

The actual cost of tuition means the tuition fee for the specific programme that the student is registered for at an institution; these tuition fees differ depending on the field of study (e.g. engineering, medicine, art, history, etc.) and the institution attended.

Prescribed learning materials includes the learning materials required for the actual courses taken – for example, a fine art student may require paint/brushes/canvasses; a graphics design student may require a laptop with a specific software package; a pure mathematics student will require a textbook, etc. Institutions will work with NSFAS to define the packages for different fields of study. The amount provided per student will be capped. It is expected that the prescribed materials will be the minimum needed by the student to enable their success; students will access additional and desired learning support material through university libraries and additional resources available to registered students, such as online open-learning materials.