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If a prospective student qualifies for a bursary, they will have to sign a contract with binding conditions.

Accepting DHET bursary funding will not require a beneficiary to pay back the funds in monetary terms. However, it does require that the beneficiary meets and maintains certain academic conditions/criteria, as well as service requirements for the duration of the study period, as well as a commitment to the country over the longer term.

Any graduate funded through the DHET Bursary scheme who wishes to emigrate to live in another country will be required to pay back the funds before they leave the country.

Some of the conditions are:

·         In the first year of study, it is the responsibility of the student to focus on their studies and to acclimatise themselves to university life in a responsible and disciplined manner;

·         In the first year of study and every year thereafter, the student must comply with the following academic requirements:

o   Attend and participate in lectures, tutorials and academic support programmes as required by the institution;

o   Complete all set assignments and/or tasks as required in terms of the due performance requirements of the Institution;

o   Undergo all tests and examinations (written and oral) as required in terms of the due performance requirements of the institution;

o   Obtain satisfactory results for the above-mentioned assignments, tasks, tests and examinations; and

o   Meet the progression requirements of the institutions, as well as passing at least 50% of all courses in the first year of study, and passing sufficient courses in subsequent years to enable them to complete their studies in the minimum number of years plus one year (n + 1 years of study) [i.e. maximum of two years of study for a one year higher certificate; three years of study for a two year diploma; four years of study for a three year degree or diploma; five years of study for a four year degree; seven years of study for a six year degree].

·         In their second year of studies and all subsequent years until completion, students will, in addition to their academic studies, comply with the following service requirement:

o   Participate in a minimum of 10 days (80 hours) of community service or special project work, of the student’s own choosing from a wide range of possibilities, the purpose of which is to inculcate a culture of giving back and working towards the betterment of our country.

o   The service could include, but is not limited to, volunteering to participate in an environmental clean-up project; volunteering to assist at an ECD centre by reading stories/playing games with young children; assisting early grade teachers by listening to young children read; volunteering to visit an old age home and spending time conversing with older citizens or any other tasks required; volunteering at a hospital or clinic to assist the nursing staff with whatever tasks required as an extra pair of hands; volunteering in a library to assist with any tasks required; volunteering to participate in a community watch programme to ensure the safety of citizens, etc. This service will be offered free of charge.

o   The student may undertake this work at any time during the year, in their vacation time, over weekends, or during the term time in afternoons or mornings where they do not have classes or tutorials to attend.

o   The student must submit a report confirming participation, signed by the manager of the programme supported, once a year.

o   Confirmation of participation is a requirement for continued funding in the following year.

·         In addition to the above, the student, once they have completed their studies and graduated, must undertake to remain in the country and participate in the economy in whichever way is most opportune for them, for at least the number of years they have been funded. Students who wish to undertake further studies in another country may be permitted to do so, as long as they commit to returning to South Africa and work for at least the length of time they were funded. Any graduate funded through the scheme who wishes to emigrate within this time frame will be required to pay back the funds before they leave the country.