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Financial Aid

This bursary is awarded to new first year students who have at least achieved a minimum Academic Point Score (APS), based on their final grade 12 results. The rand value of the bursary is determined on a sliding scale between a predetermined minimum and maximum value and is linked to the specific APS achieved by an individual learner.

Applicable Rules/Criteria:

  • Only South African citizens and permanent residents qualify for the award.
  • The award is for one year only.
  • The Scholar Merit bursary is regarded as a first payment towards fees.
  • Prospective students do not have to apply for this bursary; they qualify automatically for this award, based on their Grade 12 results, if their APS is at least 40.
  • They must have passed Grade 12 not more than 2 years prior to their first year of study.  If not passed the year adjacent of their first year of study, then a Previous Activity Form should be completed and submitted to Financial Aid before 28 February.
  • Their registration at Nelson Mandela University must be their first registration at a higher education institution;
  • They must remain registered as a full-time degree/diploma student for the full academic year, otherwise the bursary is withdrawn; if a student cancels his/her registration in the 1st semester the full award will be forfeited; if a student cancels in the 2nd semester, 50% of the award will be forfeited.
  • The calculation of a student’s APS is based on the first release of the final Grade 12 results (usually in January); results obtained after a re-mark are not considered.
  • Students who have achieved the minimum APS, but whose qualification for this bursary has not yet been confirmed by the University at the commencement of first year registrations, must submit their final Grade 12 results to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Qualifying students who have only been allowed to register for the first time in the second semester, may be awarded 50% of the bursary value.

The APS score is calculated as follows, using the table below: points are earned for each of the seven individual Grade 12 subjects, based on the percentage achieved for each subject.  If a student has more than seven subjects, the seven best results are used.  The points for each subject are all added to form the total APS.



NSC Percentages


90% to 100%


80% to 89%


70% to 79%


60% to 69%


50% to 59%


40% to 49%


0% to 39%


The rand value of each award is determined on a sliding scale across three bands of APS scores according to the table below.


Leadership Awards

Leadership Awards are granted to head prefects, Head Boy / Head Girl and Learner Representative Council Presidents (in cases of no Head Prefects). The value of the Leadership Award for an APS Point of less than 40 is R4000.00.  Head Prefects who score an APS of 40 and more will receive an additional R4 000.

Documentary proof of Grade 12 results including Letter from the School verifying Leadership must be submitted to the Financial Aid office at North Campus.The last day for submission is 31 March.